AORepo Parent Changelog


Snapshot Notes

  • Corrected the default value for the Maven build property


Release Notes

  • Added axis2-aar-maven-plugin for building web services.
    1. Configured manifest entries consistent with other plugins.
  • Changed Built-By manifest entries from defaulting to blank to now defaulting to ${}.
  • Enabled <attachClasses>true</attachClasses> on maven-war-plugin when src/main/java exists. This allows the classes to by used as a dependency. This is particularly useful for our multi-project translation tools.
  • Set <trimStackTrace>false</trimStackTrace> on maven-surefire-plugin. The full stack traces of exceptions during testing should help in debugging.
  • Defined default build resources of both src/main/resources and src/main/resources-filtered (filtered). Previously, we had obtained this behavior through configuring plugins directly, but missed the more proper approach of defining in project/build/resources. This cleans-up the implementation, and allows other parts of the configuration to work correctly when projects define different or additional resources.
  • Defined default test resources of both src/test/resources and src/test/resources-filtered (filtered). This is for consistency with the definition of compilation resources.
  • Added tests, test-javadoc, and test-sources artifacts, unless empty.
  • Configured maven-war-plugin to support filtered META-INF/context.xml, which is used to provide development values to web applications:
    1. Added filtered web resources src/main/webapp-filtered, which is expected to include a META-INF/context.xml. This means that projects must have a src/main/webapp-filtered directory, even if just an empty directory.
    2. Excluded src/main/webapp/META-INF/context.xml so that the filtered version may be used. This file still must be present, however, as NetBeans uses this file to determine how to deploy to local development Tomcat.
    3. META-INF/context.xml is not included in the WAR file. The expectation is production values will be provided by the container.


Release Notes

  • Newer versions of Javadocs no longer use frames. We now build API docs with target="_self" for JDK >= 9.

    We still supporting building with older JDK versions, in which target="_top" is used so that links can escape the frames.

  • Updated plugin versions.


Release Notes

  • Changed default Java version from 1.7 to 1.8
  • Reduced use of property substitutions in pom.xml. This is to help 3rd-party parsers that fail to perform full Maven-compatible substitutions.
  • Now setting build properties maven.compiler.source and
  • Now setting build property in parent POM instead of on a per-project basis.
  • Now setting builds properties documented.javase.version and in parent POM, with the default Java version (currently 1.8). This allows books to not specify the Java version of the documented project when it is the default.
  • Renamed some build properties to better represent their usage:
    1. Consolidated build properties compiler.bootclasspath and javac.bootclasspath into a single property java.bootclasspath.
    2. javaVersion to javase.version
    3. to
    4.* to*
    5.* to*
    6. to
    7. java.bootclasspath to javase.bootclasspath
    8. javase.bootclasspath* to javase.bootclasspath.*
    9. documented.javaVersion to documented.javase.version
    10. to
  • Renamed profile bootclasspaths to javase.bootclasspath.
  • Added build properties for Java EE:
    1. javaee.version,default 6
    2., default ${}
    3. documented.javaee.version, default 6
    4., default ${}
  • Added <source> configuration to maven-javadoc-plugin to build correctly in Java 11.
  • Simplified use of maven-gpg-plugin:
  • Now using --release instead of -bootclasspath when building with JDK >= 9.
  • Java updates:
    1. Java 13 is now end-of-life
    2. Java 14 is now current stable
    3. Java 15 is new beta
  • Changed default doclint from -Xdoclint:none to -Xdoclint:all,-missing.
  • Updated plugin versions.


Release Notes

  • To significantly reduce the size of Javadocs, using new AO Javadoc Resources project instead of data: URLs.


Release Notes

  • Java updates:
    1. Java 12 is now end-of-life
    2. Java 13 is now current stable
    3. Java 14 is new beta
  • Updated plugin versions.


Release Notes


Release Notes

  • Changed Include-Resource to {maven-resources}, target/resources-filtered in order to not leak full build paths into META-INF/MANIFEST.MF


Release Notes

  • New profile "POST-SNAPSHOT" that enables the use of post-release builds as dependencies.

    This profile is not active by default. Activate in ~/.m2/settings.xml to use post-release builds as dependencies:


    This profile must not be active while performing a release. Deactivate with:

    mvn -Prelease,'!POST-SNAPSHOT' …

    Post-release builds happen after a release and before a new -SNAPSHOT is started. They are used to ensure that previous releases still compile against newer dependencies.

    Furthermore, post-release builds may contain the following changes without being promoted to the next -SNAPSHOT version:

    1. Updated parent POM
    2. Updated POM
    3. Updated Java version (without any source code changes)
    4. Updated dependency versions
    5. Updated javadocs
    6. Updated documentation
    7. Updated unit tests
    8. Deprecated methods and classes
    9. Renamed private fields and local variables
    10. Other changes to white-space or comments

    Post-release builds also allow NetBeans to correctly connect projects together for those who are actively developing multiple modules.

    Those who are only using the dependency can use the regular release to avoid the overhead of the daily check for updates.


Release Notes


Release Notes


Release Notes

  • New AORepo project.